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“Few performers are naturally ‘stars’, that is those that dominate the stage by the merest twinkle in their eye. I have no doubt whatsoever that Linda is one of such. Those who never saw her on stage missed something very special indeed.”
Tony Palmer
“To see and hear Linda in performance is to be thrilled and moved by her wonderful voice and commitment to the composers” wishes. Communication is the essence of great singing”
Elizabeth Gale
“Glyndebourne has always prided itself on its discovery of vocal talent on the verge of International recognition. To the role of Mimi, Linda brought a depth of pathos which wrung a deluge of tears from the audience. Her career leaves a lasting impression of a singer of exceptional talent with an innate ability to hold centre stage without artifice or apparent effort - a true artist.”
Sir George Christie
“Few artists are able to combine such warmth of personality with a truly heroic scale of singing. Working with Linda was always a joy and I can easily imagine, with all its ups and downs, her life will make an engrossing book.”
Mark Elder

Linda Esther Gray was born in Greenock, Scotland in 1948. She studied at The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and then with Dame Eva Turner, the first British International Soprano. During her student years she won many major singing awards, and her career was both national and international.

A Life Behind Curtains tells the human story of loss and recovery. Linda Esther Gray lost her voice just as she was about to reach the height of a singer’s aspirations and sing at the Metropolitan Opera House.The story spans her childhood and her early life, through her singing career into disaster, how she struggles to survive without her voice and then returns to being able to sing again. Linda tells the story with truth and the imagination that she once employed to communicate and move her audiences throughout the world.

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