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Linda Esther Gray has spent her life in the singing world. She sees life through the prism of sound and in this handbook Can We All Sing? hopes to pass on some of her singing thoughts and ideas. She was an international soprano until 1986 when she retired from the operatic stage because of life threatening illness and now teaches singing. Her autobiography A Life Behind Curtains was published by Green Oak Publishing earlier this year and her next book a biography of Dame Eva Turner has been sponsored by Robert Hendra and will be published in 2009.
Caroline Finlayson has doodled for years, inspired first when she was a horse-mad teenager by the cartoons of Norman Thelwell. She embellished exercise books at school, overdraft letters to the bank manager as a student and committee meeting agendas and minutes as a qualified doctor and histopathologist. She was the cartoonist for a teenage horsey magazine, Today’s Horse for several years, has produced cartoons for commercial advertising, and has illustrated two textbooks (Basic Pathology and Pharmacology for Nurses), with two more in the pipeline (Pathology in Clinical Practise and Pathology at a Glance).

Can We All Sing? is a little hand book for singers and also for those who would like to try.


Discovery and Research
What is natural singing?
Where and What is our Instrument?
How Can We Improve On Nature?
How Should We Exercise Our Voice?
Are We In Balance


Preparing our Mind and Body
Communicating with our Audience and Colleagues
Winding Down After a Performance
Dealing with Feed Back
Learning from Performing.


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