The world of singing is not a closed shop and I wanted to share with you a little bit of this world, in the hope that you felt able to either join it or improve your singing, if you are already part of it. I had fun writing this little hand book and think that Caroline's drawings are wonderfully perceptive as well as being very humorous.
Below are five excerpts and some drawings to give you a flavour of it. The answer to my own question "Can We All Sing?" would be "No, But We Can Try".
Sample Extract 1
Sample Extract 2
Sample Extract 3
Sample Extract 4
Sample Extract 5

Can We All Sing? is a little hand book for singers and also for those who would like to try.


Discovery and Research
What is natural singing?
Where and What is our Instrument?
How Can We Improve On Nature?
How Should We Exercise Our Voice?
Are We In Balance


Preparing our Mind and Body
Communicating with our Audience and Colleagues
Winding Down After a Performance
Dealing with Feed Back
Learning from Performing.


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