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A three-month-old baby, Maria Reid, is abandoned by her mother and father for different reasons and brought up in Scotland by her Italian grandparents who never talk about what happened. The baby grows up to have a voice, travels back to Naples to study singing but cannot build a career there and so returns to London where she meets a genius conductor, Daniel Miller, who helps her build the career she'd always dreamt of. The book charts Maria's rise to, and fall from, fame and how she deals with the tragedies which life throws at her. The book also explores and throws into light, not only mysteries in Maria's life, but asks questions about the lives of those around her, examining big operatic emotions such as: love, hate, greed, obsession, regret, control and sexual orientation

Linda Esther Gray has intimate experience of the singing world having been an International soprano in the seventies and eighties. In this fictional psychological mystery, she shares her knowledge of singing and of the kind of people, friends and foes, who inhabit the operatic stage and its wings.

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